NZ: South Island slideshow

We have spent the past few weeks touring this stunning part of the world and love it so much we have already decided to come back again in June! Here are some snaps from the last fortnight, please enjoy!


Doubtful Sound: a bit of blue sky and a rainbow amidst a wet, cloudy boat trip. Much of it was spent on clutching the rails of the boat and trying not to be too get seasick but we did see a graceful pod of dolphins following which made my day – the moment was too special (and too quick!) for a photo.



Lake Gunn: early morning cloud reflections on route from Te Anau to Milford Sound. It was as tranquil as it looks!



Mitre Peak, Milford Sound: a stark but welcome contrast to the weather on Doubtful boat trip. We cruised around the fiord for a few hours in the bright sunshine spotting waterfalls and fur seals.



Fairy waterfalls, Milford Sound: named because the splashing and spray looks like fairies dancing.



Stirling falls, Milford Sound



Homer tunnel: built in the 1930s this is the only way to get to and from Milford Sound unless you have a chopper. James says it “the most primitive tunnel” he’s ever seen and did not look too happy driving through it!



Lake Gunn on the way back to Te Anau in the afternoon. The water was bath temperature!



Arrowtown, near Queenstown: a river walk in this historic little gold mining town.



Arrowtown High Street: so many lovely cafes and sun terraces – you could have coffee five times in one visit!



Routern track, near Queenstown: one of NZ’s ‘Great Walks’. The track is 32km long and stretches from near Glenorchy to Milford Sound. We managed 15km and felt like we were walking in the set of Lord of the Rings all the way!



Split Apple Rock, Abel Tasman National Park: many stories why this is here. I fell for one of the least believable – it was a gift from Peter Jackson and is made entirely of fibreglass.



Adele Island, Abel Tasman National Park: named by a frenchman after his wife this is now home to a colony of fur seals who very sweetly entertained us when we visited them on a boat.



Anchorage, Abel Tasman: another ‘Great Walk’ – a 60km coast track. We got this boat up the coast and hiked back around 15km.



Kaikoura: fresh crayfish and whitebait fritters. Seafood from a van next to the beach; so popular they get fresh fish delivered 2-3 times a day!


Kaikoura: whitebait fritter on the beach, where it tastes best.


Kaikoura: having a good scratch


Kaikoura: we never get tired of these sunsets!



Mitre Peak, Milford Sound


Motueka, near Nelson: cloud appreciation


Motueka, near Nelson: shipwreck in the sunset


Kaikoura sunset


I am off to train to be a yoga teacher for the whole of May so James will be looking after the blog and sharing some more photos and experiences with you no doubt. I will probably be eating lentils and aching like mad. Wish me luck!

James and Juliette





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