A yogini and a feijoa walk into a bar…


Over the past week Juliette has started at a yoga teacher training course. From the brief conversations I have had with her it seems to be very intense, starting at 0530 each morning and finishing at 2100 each night for a month. On Sunday she taught her first 30 minute yoga class which she said went very well!


Below is a photo of her class with her fellow future yoga teachers!


While Juliette has been stretching and learning about anatomy I have been helping on a feijoa farm. Feijoas are also known as pineapple guava, they are green, about the size of a chicken egg and taste delicious. I still enjoy the fruit despite picking over 5 ton of them over the past week!  We work 6 days a week and on Sundays have been taken to various vineyards to drink wine which has been fun, not much wine has been spat out!

Part of the feijoa orchard which consists of 630 trees and a feijoa


It has been a great experience learning about different cultures from the other pickers who have been from America, Australia, Germany and Japan!


A mornings harvest with the other pickers


My new wheels!


A Sunday of wine tasting at Yealands Estate


I have also been lucky enough to play rugby in New Zealand that sure was an experience coming up against huge Kiwi farmers.



Hopefully the next blog will be a little more interesting as I will be doing more than picking feijoas and will update you on Juliette’s progress!


James x



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  1. Russ says:

    Great article Jimbo. Hope you and Ju are having a great time. Just back from Portugal and a golf comp with friends…which I won! Enjoy the adventures and take care out there. Russ


  2. Howard Arnes says:

    Great update

    Saw Rachel at weekend as you became DPhil on Saturday morning


    H an R xx


  3. Philip Beauvais says:

    Thanks James -​

    Great stuff! I had never heard of feijoas and the rugby photos really makes the place look like autumn! Excellent shots, thank you. You look very at home in the games environment, but then why shouldn’t you!

    Philip Beauvais

    Bowdens Skilgate TA4 2DJ UK – home +44 1398 331 415 wk +44 1392 884722


  4. Charlotte Mather says:

    Hi James and Juliette.. I’ve been reading your blogs with pleasure and amusement

    I just thought I would tell you that I have just walked the Camino de Compostela in Spain to Santiago .. You have to do it some time … You two will love it .. I didn’t do all of it just ABOUT A THIRD…. BUT that was long enough!

    Any way if you have time do read Back Packing Granny on. Country wives .co.uk You will hear what’s been going on

    What I really need to tell you about is yet another bloody burglary at the garages! I had been collecting for the big fete for Thai CHILDRENS Trust for over a year and my garage was stacked to the roof with stuff. Three weeks before the sale I went to the garage it had been ransacked .. I nearly cried … The thieves had taken absolutely everything of value . Not your bike! But in all honesty I don’t think they could have got it in . They took a very latte gilt mirror .. Takes two people to lift . A safe which is incredibly heavy ! Nothing in it. And my brass eagle and all the decent clothes shoes jackets suits etc . I don’t know what they took of yours cos I can’t remember what you had . The table and stuff and it all seems to be intact . Nick and I and Patricia have all put more safety measures on the garage but it is a bugger . Fraud I haven’t told you til now as I was so busy . I had to start again collecting with only three weeks and then I went straight off to the Camino … Iam on a boat now on my way back to Portsmouth, and will be home for the summer . Will we at Fairmile Court ever see you again… We miss you both .. Of course Nick and Olivia will be getting married soon so that is lovely … And I will be continuing to. Travel … Cuba in November and then Pattaya in the spring followed by Penang and Sydney

    Much love to you both you traveling gypsies. And I love Feijoas. Delicious jam as well Love Charlie xx

    Sent from my iPad



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