Wellington in Photos

I left the sun in Picton on the South Island to travel to Wellington on the North Island. The boat passes through the Marlborough Sounds on its 102 km journey North through the Cook Straight.


The green truck on the right was full of live sheep!





It was easy to see why Wellington is called Windy Welly, as soon as I arrived with winds up to 55km an hour forcing rain to fall horizontally! At least the bird life enjoyed the weather!


I visited Te Papa Museum, the National Museum of New Zealand. Known as Te Papa Tongarewa, translated from Maori means the place of treasures of this land. The most powerful exhibition was one about Gallipoli which was New Zealands first campaign of World War I. Almost 2,800 soldiers from New Zealand were killed during the campaign. For more information about the exhibition and Gallipoli visit the link here.


The exhibition is very powerful with figures 2.4 human size made by Weta Workshops. The figures are incredibly life like and made by 3D printing, using silicon and animal hairs. The hair on the figures arms takes an hour per hair to put in place.


I was so impressed with the exhibition that I went on the Weta Workshops tour to ask about how they were made. Weta workshops is better known as a special effects and prop workshop and made the weapons, sets, armour and masks/costumes for all of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. I was shown how props start as an idea and are then printed using a 3D printer or crafted by hand. Inside the workshop one can not take any photographs as the workshop do not own the rights to lots of the items (guns from District 9, outfits and weapons from Narnia, vehicles from Halo, characters from Avatar and the Middle Earth items) some are also for upcoming films. It is truly amazing how much money is spent on creating films, for example  – it cost $100NZ to make each false nose used in the Lord of the Rings films and could be worn once before being disposed of (each character needed at least 100)!



A troll outside the workshop – luckily he had already been turned to stone!



Whilst walking on Mount Victoria I stumbled on a filming location from Lord of The Rings!


Wellington is known as the Craft beer capital of New Zealand so I tried a few of them and can confirm that there are many great beers brewed in the city!


Meanwhile in the Coromandel it seems Juliette is having a few difficulties with silent meditation!



Thank you for reading!


James x

3 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    thanks a million james for your news. always so interesting and it makes us travel with you:) big hugs to you both


  2. Philip Beauvais says:

    James –

    You will now have to visit Gallipoli! It’s a very moving site. Thank you for you​r blog, they are always very interesting and informative! Especially the bit about Juliette!!!!!

    Philip Beauvais

    Bowdens Skilgate TA4 2DJ UK – home +44 1398 331 415 wk +44 1392 884722


  3. Russ says:

    Hi J&J…great article. I see James took a selfie…or is that a troll?

    It’s getting close to the regatta in Henley and the tents are up. It’s busier in town and we are hoping for some sunshine. Off to the Kenton this week to watch a play and then relaxing for the bank holiday weekend.

    Have a great time out there and have a few brews for me.



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