Au revoir: New Zealand by numbers

We have left New Zealand after 5 incredible months (*sob*). It feels a bit like leaving home with all our wonderful friends and family there. There is just too much to put into words so we thought we’d put it into numbers instead…

Number of:

Beds slept in: 30


Hours spent on public transport: 59 1/2


(Yes it’s a car, but the closest photo we have of public transport!)

Beers (James): 104

Hours of yoga (Juliette): 276


Vineyards visted: 16


Volcanoes climbed: 6 


Feijoa trees pruned: 300


Feijoas picked (James): 12 tonnes

Live rugby games: 2

Rugby games played (James): 1                                Ribs fractured (James): 3

Dolphins spotted: 1 pod


Midnight swimming with sharks: 1


(Photo borrowed but same beach!!)

Emails received from immigration reminding us to leave: 1

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 13.32.18.png

Kiwis spotted: 0


Lavender pants potted: 400

Number of fish caught (James): 3


Distance walked: 1374.32km (The equivalent of London to Prague with 90km to spare!)

Yoga lessons taught (Juliette): 20


Sausages sizzled: 256


Here are a few of our favourite things about the kiwi way of life:

1. There is little that beats a cheese board and wine at 4pm.

2. Christmas is best spent camping.

3. The biggest threat to the country is the fruit fly.

4. The biggest TV personalities are called Dyls and Dylz.

5. You can surf and ski during the same day.

6. Avocados and pies are legitimate staples for any meal.

7. ‘Tiki trail’ is a great expression for which we have no alternative.

8. No one judges you for leaving work on time.

9. There is always a game of rugby on TV.

10. The locals are the nicest bunch you’ll ever meet.

Thank you for having us NZ and a huge thank you to all or friends and family who welcomed us and made us feel like we never wanted to leave, we already miss you.

And now for our next adventure – South America! First stop – Santiago, Chile.

Be back soon.

James and Juliette xoxo

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Russ says:

    Good bye NZ and hello Chile. Anyone would start to think you organised this trip around ‘wine’! Great read and glad to see you are both having a fabulous time. It’s sunny in Henley and life is busy. Party well and travel safely…and let’s see a picture of James doing a ‘down-dog’…I am sure he’s good at that! x


  2. Howard Arnes says:

    Superb summary

    Enjoy South America

    Lots of love

    Howard & Ruth xx


  3. Charlotte says:

    Wowser….. We miss you too. I agree with you about NZ .. It’s a fab way of life…. But you need to be there for a bit before you ” get it”
    Have an equally wonderful time in Chile.
    We are having a party for Nick and Olivia to celebrate their marriage and to welcome a new baby to Fairmile Court!. We will raise our glasses to you.. Are you even thinking of coming back or are you going to be global gyspsies?
    Love Charlie


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